Milton Monroy, Colombia

Milton Monroy, Colombia

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Tastes like raspberry and mango, with floral undertones.

Origin: Imbague, Tolima, Colombia
Variety: Geisha
Process: Natural

This is a special release coffee, produced by Milton Monroy. Him farm San Cayetano Alto is located in Imbague, the capital city of Tolima. He inherited the farm from his father and since then, has been dedicated in the business of coffee production.

In 2012, he realised that in order to be sustainable in the coffee business, he needed to focus on the specialty coffee industry. After the shift, he has been able to pay his workers better, achieve recognition and added more value to his business. 

In the cup, this coffee tastes like raspberry and mango, with floral undertones.

Nett Weight 150g
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