About Us

At BENCH, we believe in a contemplative approach.
We are continuously guided by the effort to always improve upon the things we do.
From the creation of our spaces, to serving our coffee and goods to you.


The pleasures of coffee should come with ease—familiar, elegant flavours.

However, we feel it is important to remember the long journey every coffee takes until it arrives before us. This is why we only source our specialty green coffee from importers with demonstrable lasting relationships with coffee producers. Each coffee is nurtured within an endless set of parameters—natural environment, climate, process, among other variables. In every roast we do, we always seek to find its most balanced form.

We hope you will enjoy our coffee and share it with others.


We are constantly inspired by the abundance that exists in simplicity.

Our best ideas are always influenced by design principles that centre on thoughtfulness and the harmony of contrasts. After all, the complete experience is weaved by the apparent, along with the intangible. The warmth felt through a sense of belonging and comfort, is just as important as the physical space you are in. Our spaces are built with this in mind, to ensure we have created something meaningful for you. 

We look forward to having you with us.